What is

TeleSoft (AKA Johnathan Hartsfield) specializes in full stack project development, management, and consultation. TeleSoft can design, create, and deploy web, cloud, and server based applications.

TeleSoft also specializes in devOps, microservice and component based architectures, and continuous delivery systems for companies and organizations building internal and cloud based software.

Typically, development consists of a multi-step process which starts with analyzing the projects scope and designing a linear workflow for completing the project within a clients time-frame and budget. This may include pre-project planning such as building a development team (if neccessary) and procurement of essential resources. After the planning phase, the project is built to the clients exact specifications, tested, and finally deployed, using the most appropriate state-of-the-art deployment solution.


TeleSoft generally plans for a component based architecture, either directly through template composition or with a third party framework such as React. All projects are designed for long term growth and simple maintenance.

New projects are designed using the Go programming language for the back-end architecture.


Most projects only expose a small percentage of their scope to the client. For a complex project to work properly there is often many services running behind the scenes and TeleSoft can design, create, deploy, and maintain these services, or help your team do so.

TeleSoft implements microservices using the Go programming language. Continuous delivery and integration is implemented by planning and building microservices for each action needed for CD/CI, including unit tests, security audits, version control and backups, staging, final deployment, and whatever other actions maybe neccessary for your project.


TagMachine is a new type of social media platform.
Inboxer is a Go library that allows you to interact with your gmail inbox.
Gencrypt is a Go library that eases the use and implementation of AES encryption.
Mystery Gift
Mystery Gift is a drop shipping service that allows you to buy a mystery gift for yourself or a friend.
ToneDef is a basic music blog written using Go template composition.
btstrmr is a social network for music written using JavaScript and React components.
Instant is an instant search written in Go. It sends requests to the database and returns results as you type.
TagBot is used to add test data to TagMachine
Gmail API is used to interact with the Google Gmail API.
Static Server
Static server is a web server written in Go following principles of compositional development with component architecture.
Go Proxy
Go proxy is a small proxy server written in Go for my websites. It's used to run multiple websites using multiple host names all running on one IP.